In these extraordinary times, we're continuing to offer clients remote support and are happy to help those that have just started working from home.

In-line with government guidance to self-isolate & social distancing, we're finding more clients are getting in touch for remote support to enable them to work from home. We've always provided remote support but are definitely finding it more common in the recent weeks.

Remote support for websites, social media & more

We can help you with your website, social media and general IT systems remotely:

  • over the phone
  • over Skype (allowing for screenshares)
  • via remote access (i.e. you can grant us access to your computer so we can remotely support you)  

Support we offer

  • Website updates and maintenance
    We've been adding content and messages to websites to advise visitors what & how things have changed in-line with the latest government guidance re Corona / COVID-19. We can either do this on your behalf, or show you how to do the updates yourself
  • Upskill how you use your website
    From search engine optimisation (SEO) to providing remote tutoring on how to manage your website, we can help you upskill how you use your website 
  • Social media strategy & management
    With Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Go Live etc you can connect & maintain some level of interaction even with social distancing. Need help getting things set up or managing your social media accounts? We can help.
  • General IT support
    We can help you get the right software installed so you can work from home

Need some remote support? Leave us a message (bottom right corner of the screen) or contact us via our online form, on +44 845 272 3534 or Skype us on reaperent.