Hudsons responsive website

Hudsons, for those who haven't ventured into Putney, is a bit of a local institution. It's a restaurant/wine bar and we've been eating there for years. So we were understandably excited to be involved with not just a redesign, but the design of Hudsons first ever website! After years of having just a holding page, Hudsons now has a responsive website that allows diners on the go or deskbound to easily browse their tempting menus.

We went through a few mock-ups, drawing inspiration from the restaurant's eclectic interior and quirky charm, before settling on a simple, visually-led design that used drawings Hudsons had commissioned and incorporating a craft brown background to reflect the new paper used for menus. The colour palette was constant though; dark brown and green to reflect the exposed brick walls, wooden floors and well known green exterior. 

Recognising that most restaurant website visitors are looking for a menu and that most people just skim content on the web now, we kept the copy purposefully brief and to the point. As Hudsons has a fantastic following on Twitter, instead of coming up with copy about the food or service, we used the &Enjoy page to embed what diners have said about the restaurant. It allowed us to showcase real reviews and sentiments and some fantastic photos!

Since we started working with Hudsons, we have helped them establish both their Twitter and Facebook profiles. We also actively tweet on the restaurant's behalf. 

Services Provided:

  • Responsive website
  • Content management system
  • On page animations
  • Copywriting

    A favourite restaurant, found in Putney.

    When researching what people said about Hudsons, a number of them said it was a favourite restaurant! That led to a short and sweet opening statement on the homepage.
  • News page template matching the News page used in menus
  • Library book card inspired graphics
  • Social media management - Twitter

It was great to pop in for lunch one day and hear one of the waiter's exclaim over how great their website was. He decided that their 10+ year wait for a website was well worth it because they now had the best website (and flatteringly said we should do every restaurant's website!). But even better, is when one of Hudsons diner's tweeted to say they loved it!