Konnigans responsive website

Konnigans restaurant has a fantastic outdoor patio that's perfect for people watching along Old York Road. It's quirky interior always has a hidden detail to surprise diners and when it came to redesigning its website, the remit was to create something crazy.

Thinking about what the feel of the restaurant was, it very much felt like visiting a home; comfy little nooks and crannies, books on shelves... and that made us think, what catches our eye when we're visiting someone else's home? For us, it's what's on the walls. So instead of treating the website like a screen, we treated it like a wall, with every content becoming something that could be framed and put up. That meant finding a number of web fonts that wouldn't impact page load time too much and creating a number of frames that could stretch and flow with the size of the content inside. It also provided a challenge in that everything that went up, had to look like it could go on a wall. Links became word art, menus became a chalkboards and the copy was kept short and sweet.

On mobile devices, the graphics are pared back to speed up access to desired information, but to retain the quirky nature of the desktop view, the menu icon is a stack of books and some of the information retains its word art form.


  • Embedded social media reviews acting as a scrapbook album

Our Solution

  • Responsive website design
  • Digital development
  • Graphics
  • Digital marketing (Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletter)