Scoffers Kitchen Responsive Website

Scoffers Kitchen has been a local's hangout on Battersea Rise for years. It has an amazing living tree as part of its dining space and its location just tucked around the corner from the bustle of Battersea Rise gives it a sense of calm.

When designing Scoffers website, we paid particular attention to how information was laid out because we knew what we wanted from a restaurant website: the menu, hours and how to get in touch. With this in mind, we put the name, address and telephone number in the footer so regardless of what page a visitor was on, they could easily sort out how to get in touch to make a reservation, or copy the postcode to find out how to get there. The added SEO benefit of this was a plus, but it's true what Google keep saying, if you design for humans, they're happy! On a smartphone, we made contact information appear at the top as smartphone searchers typically need to find out where the place is, or how to get in touch and also added links to other menus available on the bottom of each menu page so visitors can easily jump between the menus. 

I Heart SW11 

When Scoffers started planning to do a Neighbours Night, we came up with the marketing collateral and design for this promotional night. Instead of calling it Neighbours Night, we referenced I Heart NY and put a local spin on it so it was postcode specific. Locals then receive a card that proudly states ' I Am SW11.'

Scoffers I Am SW11 Promotion


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