The dream is to be the first site that comes up.

The reality is, SEO may have clear goals, but it's an evolving game. Why a game? Because there are winners and losers. The winners are the sites that think of their audience as people, not bots trawling the web looking for keyword density. Designing a site for your target audience is the first goal, making it search engine friendly is the second. SEO then becomes a natural benefit of all the little tweaks that are being done. So when we talk about SEO, we look at a number of factors from the basic meta data to keyword density and how the information is organised on a page. 


SEO hinges on keywords; you can't rank for every word in the entire world so narrow down the search terms that are most relevant for you. We can help you identify long-tail keywords and establish how to best integrate them naturally into your site.

On-site SEO audit

An on-site SEO audit looks at what can be improved on the site itself.

  • What does the meta data say?
  • Are there internal links so visitors can easily navigate between pages?
  • What's the primary navigation menu like?
  • Are there headings and subheadings on every page?
  • Do images have alt tags?
  • What is the site saying to index?

And we're just getting started.

Improve, Improve

This may be a matter of rewriting copy to include more specific keywords (with an emphasis on long-tail keywords) or creating a better visual hierarchy by adding in more relevant headings. It could be going through all the images and giving them relevant alt tags so they can appear in an image search. There are a number of improvements that can be made to sites to improve SEO and the truth is, these improvements are ongoing.

Website Optimisation Strategy

SEO is part of a website optimisation strategy. What's the difference? Where SEO focuses on search, website optimisation focuses on people.

  • How to get the right people to your site?
  • What happens once they're there?
  • How can their experience with the site be improved?
    • Is the tone too informal? formal?
    • Does the content interest and engage them?

Need help with your SEO or website optimisation? Let's talk, but P.S. we don't believe in black hat SEO tactics. Chat with us.