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Worst Passwords // 2013

You know it’s still January when round ups of the best & worst of last year are still taking place. SplashData have released the top 25 worst passwords for 2013 &, spoiler alert, ‘password’ has been usurped as King!

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Ransomware // Cryptolocker

Ransomware holds your computers files hostage, encrypting them so you can’t access them until you pay up. Prevent an infection & beware of what you’re clicking. The virus seems to be spreading via email. Common subject lines

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Keeping your data safe from old computers.

When your faithful old computer has finally breathed its last, the temptation is to just throw it away,  maybe pass it on to someone else, or even to sell it once you have deleted any files that were stored on the hard drive – if you were lucky enough to do this before the hard [...]

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Building an HTPC

A powerful enough home theatre personal computer (HTPC) can become the centre of your home entertainment system. Not only can it be used for watching live TV, stream catch-up TV and play Blu-Ray and DVD films, it can also become the server for your music collection.  This blog post looks at building a custom build [...]

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Why Images are Important [Infographic]

Visual recall doubles text only

The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be revised to ‘a picture is worth a thousand more visits’ for online content. Including images in content is important to boost visits, views & online sales.  It seems seeing may really be believing.

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Build your own in-house sound system

How to create your own in-house sound system on a budget. I put together the following sound system using a few standard bits of audio kit, but it still looks and sounds as good as the more expensive custom equipment.

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