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Worst Passwords // 2013

You know it’s still January when round ups of the best & worst of last year are still taking place. SplashData have released the top 25 worst passwords for 2013 &, spoiler alert, ‘password’ has been usurped as King!

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Compliance with EU Cookie Law

EU Cookies Law

Effective 26 May 2012, UK websites must show compliance with the EU Cookie Law; “You must obtain consent to store a cookie on a user or subscribers device”.    This blog post looks at what the EU cookie law is all about & most importantly, how you can comply with it.

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How // People Spend Their Time Online

How people are spending their time online

Globally, people are spending nearly 4 million years online every month – but what are we doing online?  This infographic sheds some light on our favourite online activities and websites. 

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Online // Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphone Ownership 2011, Src Google

Globally, smartphone ownership is on the rise & the UK has the highest adoption rate.  Over 45% of the UK own a smartphone & over half of users access the Internet on their smartphones daily.  The research, conducted in 2 phases in 2011 (Jan/Feb & Sept/Oct) by Google & Ipsos across 5 countries, shows a [...]

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2011 // Recap

What did we search for in 2011? Watch? What marketing moments stood out?  Below are video recaps of 2011. Zeitgeist 2011

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Strategy // Keeping Pace in the Digital Media World

NY Times on BBC iPlayer

I was considering calling this post “The Musings of a Technophobic Technophile” but wasn’t sure if that actually made sense! On Tuesday night there was an extremely interesting program on BBC4 in the Storyville series, Deadline: The New York Times, about how the New York Times is managing to survive in this highly digital world, [...]

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