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Quality & Relevancy – SEO in 2012

Focusing on the volume of links going to your website & keyword density?  Don’t.  Search engines like Google don’t want to be manipulated into believing your page is relevant, they want proof.  And that proof lies in a natural link profile & relevancy from a time & social perspective.  SEO in 2012 ranks websites that [...]

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How does Google Work? [Infographic + Video]

Google’s PageRank algorithm is a secret, but this infographic maps out what’s known about Google’s work flow; from indexing a page, to answering search queries & displaying ads. This mapped out insight can help you ensure your website is Google friendly.  Read on for key take-aways & tips you can action today to make your [...]

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What Social Signals Count Most for Search Ranking?

Twitter vs Page Ranking

Social signals are becoming increasingly important because they increase the authority of links – but how do they impact search engine ranking? Below, we summarise 2 studies that suggest Twitter & Google+ should be your social focus.

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How // People Spend Their Time Online

How people are spending their time online

Globally, people are spending nearly 4 million years online every month – but what are we doing online?  This infographic sheds some light on our favourite online activities and websites. 

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SEO // Periodic Table & Tips

Search Engine Optimisation is evolving and this Periodic Table of SEO factors can help you understand what helps and what hinders your SEO efforts.

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