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Being a Social Business

Facebook! Twitter! Pinterest! Google+! Being a social business is here to stay, but as social networks develop their business models and change how they display content it’s the ethos behind social rather than the networks that counts. Why? Just have a look at a Facebook Paid Promotions.

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Instagram in 2013

Instagram’s changes to its terms & conditions don’t come into effect until 16 January 2013, but they’ve already made a lot of noise & been clarified because ‘legal documents are easy to misinterpret’.  Here’s a look at 2 meaningful changes about advertising & photo rights you should know before continuing/starting to use Instagram.

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Quality & Relevancy – SEO in 2012

Focusing on the volume of links going to your website & keyword density?  Don’t.  Search engines like Google don’t want to be manipulated into believing your page is relevant, they want proof.  And that proof lies in a natural link profile & relevancy from a time & social perspective.  SEO in 2012 ranks websites that [...]

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Mobile Multi-tasking [UK Infographic]

How UK consumers use smartphones

Feel lost without your smartphone? You’re not alone. Information released by Google shows that the UK smartphone user is multi-tasking; using their smartphone not just to keep in touch, but as a secondary screen and to access information, especially local information, on the go.

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How does Google Work? [Infographic + Video]

Google’s PageRank algorithm is a secret, but this infographic maps out what’s known about Google’s work flow; from indexing a page, to answering search queries & displaying ads. This mapped out insight can help you ensure your website is Google friendly.  Read on for key take-aways & tips you can action today to make your [...]

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The Best Time to Tweet [Infographic]

The best time to tweet a link

Looking for the best time to share a link on Twitter?  I always thought it would be first thing in the morning, catching the commuters on their way to work & scanning Twitter while on a bus or waiting for a train.  Turns out, it’s actually early afternoon, especially on Wednesdays.  This infographic shows when [...]

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