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Mobile Multi-tasking [UK Infographic]

How UK consumers use smartphones

Feel lost without your smartphone? You’re not alone. Information released by Google shows that the UK smartphone user is multi-tasking; using their smartphone not just to keep in touch, but as a secondary screen and to access information, especially local information, on the go.

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How does Google Work? [Infographic + Video]

Google’s PageRank algorithm is a secret, but this infographic maps out what’s known about Google’s work flow; from indexing a page, to answering search queries & displaying ads. This mapped out insight can help you ensure your website is Google friendly.  Read on for key take-aways & tips you can action today to make your [...]

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The Best Time to Tweet [Infographic]

The best time to tweet a link

Looking for the best time to share a link on Twitter?  I always thought it would be first thing in the morning, catching the commuters on their way to work & scanning Twitter while on a bus or waiting for a train.  Turns out, it’s actually early afternoon, especially on Wednesdays.  This infographic shows when [...]

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Why Images are Important [Infographic]

Visual recall doubles text only

The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be revised to ‘a picture is worth a thousand more visits’ for online content. Including images in content is important to boost visits, views & online sales.  It seems seeing may really be believing.

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Is Pinterest Driving Sales? [Infographic]

Pinterest to Purchase

Pinterest is not only driving more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ & Twitter, it’s also generating sales, particularly offline. 1 in 5 Pinterest users are buying items they pin, with pre-2012 users more than twice as likely to buy.

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User Activity on Social Networks [Infographic]

Pinterest may have 1% of Facebook’s users, but it is as sticky as the reigning social network, Facebook, with users spending an average of 405 minutes per month.

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