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Magento Tutorial // Adding Images to Product

Magento - select Catalog then Manage Products

7-step guide to adding image to a product listing in Magento.  Note: this tutorial does not cover bulk importing of product listings or images.

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Mobile Multi-tasking [UK Infographic]

How UK consumers use smartphones

Feel lost without your smartphone? You’re not alone. Information released by Google shows that the UK smartphone user is multi-tasking; using their smartphone not just to keep in touch, but as a secondary screen and to access information, especially local information, on the go.

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Why Images are Important [Infographic]

Visual recall doubles text only

The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be revised to ‘a picture is worth a thousand more visits’ for online content. Including images in content is important to boost visits, views & online sales.  It seems seeing may really be believing.

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3 Tips to Mobile Optimise your Website

81% of Smartphone users have looked for local information

Nearly 6% of all potential sales are lost because the website isn’t mobile-optimised according to Internet Retailing.  The lost traffic can be a permanent loss as well – 61% of customers are unlikely to return to that website, either on a desktop or mobile device.  With 17 million Brits expected to be accessing the internet [...]

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Impact of Colour on E-commerce Websites

The impact of colour on e-commerce websites

Drawn in by the red sale sign in the window? You’re not alone.  Expanding on how colour impacts your design, this infographic shows how colour affects purchase choices and how it can attract certain consumers.

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Magento // Static Blocks

Use of static blocks in Magento

Static blocks let you create, edit and maintain content on non-CMS Magento pages without having to know html or edit the core files every time.  Find out how to create, edit and add them to your Magento website today.

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