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Quality & Relevancy – SEO in 2012

Focusing on the volume of links going to your website & keyword density?  Don’t.  Search engines like Google don’t want to be manipulated into believing your page is relevant, they want proof.  And that proof lies in a natural link profile & relevancy from a time & social perspective.  SEO in 2012 ranks websites that [...]

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2012 & The Rise of Images

Importance of visuals

This time last year I was obsessed with Pinterest. This was before the media picked up on it and began to tout it as the next big thing in social. Before loads of social media managers signed on & businesses began to look at how to use the platform to promote their own goods/agendas.  Part [...]

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Compliance with EU Cookie Law

EU Cookies Law

Effective 26 May 2012, UK websites must show compliance with the EU Cookie Law; “You must obtain consent to store a cookie on a user or subscribers device”.    This blog post looks at what the EU cookie law is all about & most importantly, how you can comply with it.

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Why Images are Important [Infographic]

Visual recall doubles text only

The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be revised to ‘a picture is worth a thousand more visits’ for online content. Including images in content is important to boost visits, views & online sales.  It seems seeing may really be believing.

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Impact of Colour on E-commerce Websites

The impact of colour on e-commerce websites

Drawn in by the red sale sign in the window? You’re not alone.  Expanding on how colour impacts your design, this infographic shows how colour affects purchase choices and how it can attract certain consumers.

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