Google+ // Photo Strips

Like Facebook Pages, you can use the series of 5 photos atop your Google+ page to cleverly display a photo strip montage.  Here’s how.

Reaper Enterprises on Google+

Choose a panoramic style image

The image you’re starting with should be at least 765 x 153px.

Cut the image into 5 153x153px squares

Edit your Google+ Profile

Go to your Google+ Page (read this how to for tips on setting up a Google+ page) & click on your page title to edit your profile.  When you click on Edit Profile, you’ll see ‘Add some photos here’ – click on this space to add photos.

Add photos to Google+ Page

Photos are added from the left to right & you can’t change the order of the images once they’re uploaded, so make sure you upload the photos as you want them to appear on your page!

Upload photos to Google+ page


Show Me

Google+ photo strip example

Check out this blog post for more examples of Google+ Page photo strips.  Leave a comment below & tell us what Google+ pages have great photo strips.

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