Worst Passwords // 2013

You know it’s still January when round ups of the best & worst of last year are still taking place. SplashData have released the top 25 worst passwords for 2013 &, spoiler alert, ‘password’ has been usurped as King! Read More »

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Ransomware // Cryptolocker

Ransomware holds your computers files hostage, encrypting them so you can’t access them until you pay up. Prevent an infection & beware of what you’re clicking. The virus seems to be spreading via email.

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Happy Birthday London Underground

London Underground celebrates 150 years today. It pioneered underground train travel & last year, wireless was installed at some of the bigger stations. Here’s a look at the origins of London Underground, including the spark of the design classic that is the London Underground Map.

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Being a Social Business

Facebook! Twitter! Pinterest! Google+! Being a social business is here to stay, but as social networks develop their business models and change how they display content it’s the ethos behind social rather than the networks that counts. Why? Just have a look at a Facebook Paid Promotions. Read More »

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Instagram in 2013

Instagram’s changes to its terms & conditions don’t come into effect until 16 January 2013, but they’ve already made a lot of noise & been clarified because ‘legal documents are easy to misinterpret’.  Here’s a look at 2 meaningful changes about advertising & photo rights you should know before continuing/starting to use Instagram. Read More »

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Responsive Design & HTML5

2 years ago I looked up the contact info for a media agency on a Mac laptop.  I found the contact info, but the website was so poorly designed it hadn’t taken into account that I might be viewing on a smaller screen and it wouldn’t let me scroll.  It had been designed to be a one page site, but on a screen larger than my laptop.  So the contact info sat as a fixed element, just beyond reach, below the fold & completely inaccessible all because the design was restrictive.  One of the most exciting things happening in online now is HTML5 & the shift towards responsive design.

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